Value Aruba

Value Aruba is another small local car rental company with a small presence, this company targets mostly time-shares or individuals already staying on a hotel or resort. It only has one location in Noord, west of Palm Beach high rises.

Offers free pick up and drop off on the hotel or resort of you staying, one advantage is that only a 3 percent tax is added to the rate, making it affordable for renters to get the vehicle of choice.

"VA" fleet has a large SUV selection, and it is popular because of many tourists looking to do some off-road go to VA. In addition to the SUV’s, it has a fleet of cars mostly Japanese and Koreans vehicle including minivan for a larger group.
Rates are competitive in all vehicles including SUVs, you may want to ask for any specials or discounts that may offer. In the price, includes liability insurance, for extra safety.

This local car rental company is just for hotels or resorts visitors, that in most cases looking for vehicle or SUV to know Aruba at a decent price.

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