Toyota Rent a Car in Aruba

Toyota Rent a Car Aruba located a few minutes away from Aruba Queen Beatrix international airport in the Toyota dealership that is on the main road to and from the airport. It provides a car selection of just Toyotas from the small Yaris to the Camry and the Sienna minivan if you are looking to move your family.

Since it is not in at the airport, Toyota Rent does not charge you for airport tax and that go to all car rentals companies outside the airport. Also it offers a free shuttle to and from the airport, helping those who rent with them.

It has 4 locations one off the airport, one on Casa del mar, one on Aruba beach club and the last one on Playa Linda  beach resort. The best rates are on the off season from May to November and some of the higher rate from December to April.

The cars are fairly good shape and some of them could be a little ding up and used up, so if you do not mind you should not have any problems, otherwise talk to the front desk personnel to change you for another car.

Toyota Rent is a good solid car rental, with good cars and good service.

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