Aruba Top Drive

Top Drive "TD" is a car rental company with a medium presence with 4 locations, one at Queen Beatrix International Airport, one at the Cruise Terminal, one a Manchebo beach resort and spa, a its main office in Noord next to Palm Beach. Remember when you rent a car at the airport or you dropping it off, an airport tax will be added to your bill, to avoid it do it off site.

Its fleet is a modern one with mostly Japanese with Toyota as the biggest selection available. It offers an array of different vehicles from minivans, SUV or Jeep and pick up trucks.

Rates varies with lower prices in low season April to late November early December, one advantage is that you can book online, making flexible and easy. Another plus is that in the price liability insurance is already included.

Aruba TD is convenient to access from any of the 4 four locations, it has a newer fleet at a good price.

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