Super Car Rental Aruba

Super Car Rental Aruba is another of the local car rental companies. It is located outside of the airport on Washington ave, and Super Car will pick you up from the airport or any of the hotels. Because of being small local company, it offers some of the best deals you can get on renting a car, especially if you are looking on the low season from April to late November.

Its fleet has a wide variety of car and they offer some of the exotic cars that Aruba has such as a Hummer H3 and Hummer H2, for more details please contact them directly.  The only thing that you will be able to do online is just to make a reservation with just limited information.

Rates like any other company it varies from the high to the low season, but with the rates third party insurance is included.

This type of company gives you a lot more for money that some of the bigger known companies would, plus if you are looking for more exotic car this could be the place you been looking for.

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