Sawasdee is among the best restaurants in Aruba, it offers a different option to the wide selection of restaurants in Aruba. It has a good selection of Thai plates and flavors at a reasonable price. Sawasdee is located on Noord just a few minutes from Palm Beach, Oranjestad, and the High- Rise resorts, making it accessible to their guest.

Sawasdee is how Thai individuals say to greet one another, and you definitely feel welcome once you are in the restaurant. Thai food is combination of flavors and sauces, from Szechuan, Malaysian, Indian and Arabic flavors; by blending them Thai develops its own personality that attracts many around the world.

The menu at Sawasdee has various types of meats, such as beef, chicken, pork and a large selection of seafood and fish, including tofu for its vegetarian’s customers. Not to forget the large selection of rice, noodles and soups that makes this cuisine a out of the ordinary one.

The prices are affordable and in some cases lower than other restaurants in Aruba, and have fresh and delicious food, sometimes being on the spicy side.

Sawasdee is highly rank and being among the best in Aruba year after year, it is a great place to dine, but remember that if you do not like spicy food, ask your server for the options available.

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