Savanna Lodge and Restaurant

Savanna Lodge and Restaurant is one of the most unique restaurants in Aruba, you will not find a place like it, or close to it. Being at the ostrich farm is the only place on the island that you can eat ostrich on its different forms, such as ostrich sashimi, ostrich carpaccio, burger and many more creative plates that with African seasoning, making it a culinary adventure, including ostrich egg omelet when it is season.

It is a place that serves breakfast and lunch and offers catering for special occasion and not opens for dinner. This restaurant has a fantastic Art Shop that you can spend sometime looking and maybe acquiring items that are brought from Zimbabwe. It is a not only a culinary experience, since the farm is open and you can actually take a tour before or after eating in the Savanna restaurant.

It also offers more international plates including a vegetarian and kids menu for the less adventures individuals. In general, the prices are on the moderate with some good values in the restaurant as well as in the Art Shop.

It is a acquire taste eating an ostrich including the African seasoning that they use, one of the negatives about Savanna is that is a short drive from any part of the island.

Savanna for a price can provide transportation and it offers a combination package including transportation, lunch and a tour for just $35 dollars. For rare opportunity, you can enjoy a unique gastronomic experience and Savanna is great place to do it.

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