Rumba Wine Bar and Grill

Rumba Wine Bar and Grill restaurant is another top restaurant in Aruba; it is located in downtown Oranjestad, making it very accessible while you are touring downtown, whether you are staying in Aruba or passing by on a cruise.

This is restaurant has many different sides; it is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner taking advantage of its location.

Rumba Wine has a mix cuisine theme, since it is open all day long it has a large variety of plates, it has an international flavor and cooking on the grill brings a lot of earthy and simple flavors to its plates, making it among the best restaurant on the island.

It has different types of meats from fish, chicken of beef with simple ingredients and lots of flavors. It is a great dinning experience, including excellent service and with a large selection of wines, that is recipe for a great meal.

Breakfast offers the typical breakfast with eggs, bacon, fruits, juices and great pastries; and during lunch you can get some of the dine plates, but also a long selection of subways hot or colds with good burgers and phenomenal salads.

Most of the top restaurants are open in the evening, but in Rumba you can get you breakfast, lunch and dinner while you are in Aruba and have a great meal while visiting Oranjestad.


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