Ruba Rent A Car

Ruba Rent a Car is one of the smallest car rental companies in Aruba. It is off site, very close to Aruba Queen Beatrix International Airport. It is a benefit to rent a vehicle off the airport in terms of savings, when you rent a vehicle off the airport, you do not get charged an airport tax and that could add up to 15 percent of the total bills, making some significant savings.

Its fleet consists of Toyotas and Dodge including Jeeps for your off-road adventures. Some of the benefits of dealing with a small company is the personalize customer service and extra benefits you can get, that a bigger company may not offer.

Rates are competitive and Ruba offer discounts and special, but you must need to contact them in order to find out what they are.

One negative is that you only will be able to rent at its airport location, making difficult if you are already in Aruba and decide to venture out your hotel or resort. On the other side you will be able to make reservation online, making convenient to rent your vehicle from them.

Ruba is a small company only servicing the airport and its adjacent at a competitive prices with good cars.

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