Que Pasa ?

Que Pasa ? Opened in 1992 as a small restaurant that has grown to be among the best in Aruba, was founded from young guys after a night into town decided to opened one. Located on downtown Oranjestad, close to the Renaissance Mall makes a good location to have a nice dinner.

In an old house, began growing from a small bar-bistro to a mature restaurant, currently having an indoor section with air-condition and outdoor section that you can enjoy the weather in Aruba.

Has a strong mix influence, like mention on its website, it has Mexican, Dutch, Italian and Caribbean influence, making an evolving menu, since the opening one of the stongest point of the restaurant is the bar, the drinks and ambiance of the place is among some of the best in Aruba.

Is on a medium high price range, it uses good quality food and it has a friendly service, it holds a large positive reviews, which makes many patrons go over and over.
 It is a fusion place that has evolved to be one the top restaurants in Aruba, and it will continue to evolve and see that what we can expect from it.

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