Passions Beach Bar and Restaurant

Passions Beach Bar and Restaurant is a restaurant in Amsterdam Manor in low rise area, it is consider one of the best restaurant on the island at a competitive price. One of the nice things about this restaurant is that you can eat on the beach and enjoy a very romantic dinner and a beautiful sunset.

The menu comprise of Grilled specialties that could be chicken, beef and most popular sea food and fish.

Passions has daily special that could be an attractive proposition to any of its guest, plus you can book your reservation online, which is highly recommended. You can also check on its website the main menu and the selection that it offers.

This is a restaurant that is Amsterdam Manor and on the high season, it could be difficult to sit, since also serves the resort guest. It is located on Eagle beach making one of the most breathtaking places on the island.

Passions Beach Bar will definitely make you feel that you are in Aruba, enjoying some of the best vacations you had.

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