Aruba Natural Pool

natural pool attractionsAruba Natural Pool located in the windward part of the island, inside the Arikok National Park, is also known as conchi. Aruba Natural Pool is a formation of rocks to which waves hit, filling inside the pool with water. It is unique and probably one of the most hidden gem on the island.

Waves leap over the pool making you feel like in a water park; also if you are brave enough, you can dive from some of the rocks into the pool, making it a lot of fun and truly daring experience.

Since its location is off a trail in, and the only way to get there is by 4x4 Jeep, horse and ATV, be aware that when you rent a Jeep, it is own your own risk and some rental companies will charge penalties in the vehicle breaks down and/or gets  stuck. They will emphasize the fact that it is not an easy drive, and they are not joking, and in my opinion the best way to get is thru a local tour.

aruba natural pool
Is the only attraction on the island that getting there will require all your adventure spirit and patience, if you decide to go own your own, you will feel a sensation of an adventure and accomplishments, making it even sweeter, but again be aware of the risk and weather conditions that could negatively impact your excursion.

natural pool aruba attractions
Inside the pool the water is clear, calm with plenty of fishes and coral reef. You will need to bring your snorkeling gear to enjoy. You will also need to bring waterproof shoes or sandals since rocks in some parts are sharp and reef could scratch your feet, making a little uncomfortable.

natural pool attractions in aruba

On a calm day, it is like you are in a man-made pool with fish and coral around you and all you can do is enjoy this Aruba natural beauty. On the way to the Aruba Natural Pool, you will have some of the best views that you can see in the island, since you have to go thru some of the highest point of Aruba to get to there, you will see some its raw and enchanting beauty.

pool in aruba
Below are some directions to the attraction, which could help you get there. Do not forget to fill up before you attempt to go there, in a chance that you could get lost and need to return.

attractions in aruba

Directions to Aruba Natural Pool – Aruba

  • These directions are from the high rise hotels...

  • Take 1A toward Oranjestad - Continue past Adventure Golf.

  • At circle, just past Royal Cabana, go left. (This is 4A to Paradera)

  • At 1st circle on 4A, go straight through to other side (past Mon Cheri Bar on right)

  • Go through 2nd circle (past BMW dealer)

  • Go through 3rd circle (past Aruba bank)

  • Look for blue sign - Arikok National Park - turn left (Make sure you see MN

  • Supermarket and a colorful building on the corner)

  • The next turn is a right on a small, narrow road. The only landmark is a sign on a telephone pole for "Rancho Del Campo" (2 yellow houses should be on the left)

  • Pass Rancho Del Campo on the right

  • Make a left at the white house near the end of the road (there is a red house up on the hill)

  • There is also a handmade Aruba Natural Pool sign at this turn

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