Aruba Natural Bridge

aruba natural bridge
The Natural Bridge is probably one of the most important attractions in Aruba. Located in the eastern side of the island, it is limestone formation that was pounded for thousands of years by waves and wind creating a bridge that span for over 100 feet and it was over 25 feet high, making a impressive site on the island.

This attraction is free for all visitors and there are any types of restrictions on getting on top of the bridge, just safety ones, so individuals do not fall from it. It is a long and hard fall if that where to happen.

aruba natural bridge
This Bridge is readily accessible place, unlike Natural Pool that you need a four-wheel-car or a guided tour, with this attraction, any type of car can take you without any problem. It is still a dirt road around the coast, but it is just a dirt road and nothing else.

aruba natural bridge

There are still tours available for visitors, but for them, it is just more than a stop for some of the tours operators. It is also a great place for picnics and a romantic afternoon since the wind  constantly blows on the east side, makes its mosquito-free and great place to sit down, relax and enjoy the view from the bridge.

aruba natural bridge
Unfortunately in 2005, the bridge collapse, resulting in a great lost for the island. It was determine that some cracks in the limestone and some geological forces facilitated the natural bridge collapse.

aruba natural bridge baby
In its place there is a baby bridge in the same location, just a few feet away, even though it is a smaller portion of the natural bridge, visitors can still walk on top of it and feel the wind and waves hit it, like on the old bridge.

baby natural bridge

In the island of Aruba, there are more than seven smaller bridges, but because of access and size, natural bridge with its baby bridge are still the king and queen on the island, but if you have the desire, time and energy, to see some of the other bridges on the island, we recommend talking with the locals, so they can provide information on accessibility condition and directions to some of them.

aruba natural

There is a refreshments and snacks store, with full toilet services that can provide some culinary needs. In general terms, the food is o.k. but the view from the bridge is even better. It is a sad ending to a magnificent piece of nature, but the baby bridge still draws plenty of daily visitors.



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