National Car Rental

National Car Rental is another American company serving the car rental market in Aruba. It is presence on Aruba is limited; it only has two locations, one in Queen Beatrix International Airport and the other one at the Holiday Inn in Palm Beach.

One advantage is the piece of mind that you get when dealing with big and well known companies; you make sure that you are going to get what you paid for without too much inconvenience. A disadvantage is the fact that it does not provide some of the other benefits you get from companies having a stronger presence in Aruba, or special rates or discounts until you call them or deal with them. Sometimes the lacks of flexibility or accessibility make the different on your shopping experience.

National fleet is a mix one with Japanese and American Cars, it offers a minivan for a larger group and it does not offer SUV for your off-road adventures.
Rates are competitive making another car rental company on the island, but without any fanfare is a good reliable company to do business with.

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