More4less Jeep and Car Rental

More4less Jeep and Car Rental is another budget car rental local company. It is located off the airport just a few minutes away. This way avoids charging an airport tax that it could be up to 15 percent of the total bill.

It offers a free transportation to and from the airport, making it convenient to pick up your rental. Not only More4less will pick you up at the airport, but it will do it also at the office and that is geared to the local community.

It fleet is mix bag, it offers from economic cars to a minivan being the majority Japanese cars. It also offers SUVs and motorcycles for the more adventurous individuals. More4less has a bigger selection of SUVs being probably some of the strongest renters.

Rates are competitive, but it has specials and offers, for these offers you must have to ask, but the longer you plan to rent the bigger the discount, since they try to keep its fleet running.

More4less is another players with a larger selection of SUVs that mostly services the airport and the local community with plenty of specials the longer you rent.

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