Marandi is one of the best restaurant in Aruba, it is located south of Queen Beatrix International airport, it is probably one of the biggest drawbacks to the restaurant, since it is not easy and accessible to find.

On the positive side, the restaurant sunset is an open-air palapa hut with wood and beach sand floors, and simple and rusty décor with an incredible view of the ocean, makes it a great place for a sunset, food and drinks.

Is a mix cuisine that is difficult to catalog; it has influence of Chinese food with a mix of international and Caribbean flavors and strong sea food selection, it is uses very good quality ingredients with a simple cooking making a very popular place to dine.

Please make reservations in advance, since sometimes it could be difficult to get walk-in table. It is a place that makes you feel that you are in a vacation, enjoying good quality food and drinks while seeing what Aruba has to offer.


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