Map of the Caribbean

Once in our lifetime, we all dreamt of being in a blue crystal, white sandy beach, and in many occasions the Caribbean is a true reflection of those dreams, a map of the Caribbean will show you. Since Christopher Columbus discovered the Bahamas and the West Indies, a lot has change.

It has been a centuries of many tormentors times with the development of the new world, bring a new era to the region that at one point had pirates, and many undesirable individuals. Nowadays, it is not the case, tourisms in many islands are the biggest contributor to their local economies, and having visitors is a common event for thousands of individuals on the islands.

The Caribbean is shown in movies, videos, commercials, printed in you mall or airport. Normally a Map of the Caribbean will show you , as we only know a few islands by name such as Jamaica, Cuba, the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, Aruba and few more, but in reality there are 7000of them and 13 independent countries speaking many dialect as well English, French, Dutch and Spanish.

Each Location is unique as a map of the Caribbean can show; there are important islands in size and population such as the case of Cuba, Puerto Rico and Jamaica with population exceeding the million people, over the decades, millions of visitors has come to the Caribbean in many forms, by airplane, cruises with many of them leaving from the U.S from various location such as in Florida, Texas and New York.

The amenities changes from place to place, you can have a place with minimal facilities such as the case of Anguilla or as close of being to the U.S with full services, like in the case of Puerto Rico, because it is part of the United States and it is like being in another U.S with the exception that language and access is a bit difficult. Choosing one of the thousands island, it could be difficult, but at the end the smaller islands will give a sense of isolation and uniqueness, such as the case of Aruba as you can see in a Map of the Caribbean.

Immigration has been one of the most important molding factors in the Caribbean; you have the Spaniards with its strong influence in place like Puerto Rico. British influence in place like Barbados, Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago, or French influence in Martinique and Dutch influence in islands like Aruba, Bonaire or Curacao. That influence is only a part, because of a strong Africa roots from the slaves brought on over the centuries has shaped the lifestyle of the islands. Now with Indian and some Chinese, the Caribbean is a true melting pot.

Because of it big diversity, food is unique in many places, from French cuisine, to more British favored fish and chips, Spanish gastronomy ,including  local flavors that are to a particular island. Species are used on many islands and use differently on each cuisine. The Caribbean with its food, tradition and uniqueness is what brings millions of visitors a year. In one way or another, we love to eat, drink and relax on the beach or pool and any island in its unique, with its form deliver that.

In Welcome Aruba, we wanted to share of the insight, it what the Caribbean has to offer, not only with the beaches, but give a better understanding of the long list of options that you can get. In addition, we want to show you a map of the Caribbean that you can see over the 7000 islands in a cleaner sort of way. Whether, you choose Aruba as your vacation destination or not, it is important to present you with information to help you in your decision making, but, we would like to have you in Aruba and with its uniqueness, you will fall in love it.

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