Madame Janette

Madame Janette with its award winning cuisine represents one of the best restaurants that Aruba has to offer. It offers some of the best ingredients that you can get in Aruba and it has a large selection of meats including Argentine beef among the best in the world.

The kitchen staff prepares its dishes at the moment of ordering the plates and it has specials that bring the best of this restaurant. In addition to the beef, it has a great list of seafood available to its customers, including appetizers and great deserts.

One thing that is negative to this restaurant is its location, since it is not easily accessible, and it could be difficult to find.

Madame J’s although is European flavors with a strong French influence, it has a large selection of international dishes using the grill to perfect them. It is more of a formal dining experience since it is open after 5:00 pm, but the food has high standards and Madame Janette holds high remarks from its patrons. It is a great choice for dining in Aruba, but there are others restaurants that are comparable to this one.


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