Explore Car Rental Aruba

Explore Car Rental is a local car rental company that has only one location on the island. It is located on the north side between the high and low risers. It is a second tier rental fleet, its fleet consists of Suzuki and Dodge models with minivan as its largest vehicle and SUV in the Dodge Durango and Suzuki Gran Vitara.

One advantage is that Explore Car Rental will pick you up at the airport or at the hotel where you staying and drop you off once you return the vehicle. Also, you can reserve on-line make it handy and flexible when you pick you car.

Rates are competitive like most of all Aruba’s car companies, they are not the greatest of the cheapest but if you are looking for car while you are in Aruba this could a choice for you.

Explore Car Rental is a solution when you have to time and are already in Aruba, it is hard to imagine renting a car directly from the airport and be on your way.

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