Economy Car Rental

Economy Car Rental is one of the biggest local car rental companies in Aruba. It has 4 locations on the island, one at the airport Queen Beatrix, one at the Marriott, one at the ocean club and the main office in Oranjestad. Remember that when you pick your car at the airport, an airport tax is added to your bill, if you are looking for value, make sure you rent you vehicle outside the airport and avoid the tax.

One advantage on using Economy is that you can book your car online, making easy and convenient to pick up once you are in Aruba. The fleet of cars is Japanese, mostly Toyotas, having the most popular Corolla. In addition to the Toyotas, it offers Jeeps and Minivan for a larger group.

Economy is one of the biggest players on the car rental business, and being local they tend to give you a personalize service, like you would have in any other place. 

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