Dollar Aruba

Dollar Aruba is another American company with a presence in Aruba. It currently has 2 locations one at Aruba International Airport and the main office on Noord, next to Palm Beach. Remember that all call rental deals done at the airport has an airport tax that may add to your final bill.

Dollar is another company that has a bigger parent company and that gives a piece of mind to many visitors on the quality of service, type of cars and overall expectations.

Rates for Dollar varies on the season, on the high season you got higher prices that is from December to April and lower and even specials on the low season. One advantage is that you can book online and pick your car at the airport, making convenient if you are looking to rent a car as soon as you get to Aruba.

The fleet has several Japanese and Korean cars available to all its customers; it even has a minivan for a comfortable family transportation across the island.

Dollar is another player in the car rental business in Aruba that has a small presence on the island and a convenient airport location.

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