De Palm Island

De Palm Island is a private island of the coast of Aruba in the southern western part of island between Saint Nicolas and Queen Beatrix International Airport. The island is run by one of the largest tour operators of the island. De Palm Island is the only type of place on the entire island. The only other exception is a private island that belongs to the Renaissance Hotel, in which only hotel guest are transported to and from its private island.

De Palm Island

The attraction is a private island, on which anybody can go by paying the price of entrance. The operator shuttle back and forth from the terminal to the island, once on the island, it is a self sufficient place that gives plenty of choices to its visitors. It offers an all inclusive food and drinks, including an open bar. It has six water slides, lounge chairs and Cabanas available if all you want to do is lie down and relax. It also offers snorkeling, with equipment and classes for all its visitors.

De Palm Island

The island has great facilities like showers, changing rooms, restaurants and many more modern amenities. One negative drawback of the island is the fact that it could become crowded, since it is a great and popular attraction on the island and it is a great value proposition for many families, since food and activities are included on the price.

Another downside is its location, since it is located on the southern part of the island; it is located on the opposite side where all major resorts and hotels are. DePalm tours will arrange for you to visit the island, but it could be a full day activity with limited option on what you could do outside the island, but if you do not mind.

This attraction is a great concept and it has some of its uniqueness and exclusiveness since you are in a private island and in many cases it will the only private island that many of us will visit. It is a fantastic place for the family, since all the amenities, foods and drinks are included.  


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