Chalet Suisse Restaurant

Since 1988 has been one of the best restaurants that Aruba has to offer, it is visited by local and tourist alike, it has very high remarks and brings many customers back with its cuisine and service. Located on Eagle beach is easily accessible from the low and high rise hotels and resorts.

It is a place that is for elegant dining, with one of the rooms showing some of the most exquisite Tiffany glass, making an extreme popular place for a special occasion. It is a fantastic place to have an excellent meal.

The menu has strong international dishes with excellent selection of fresh cached fish, various cuts of beef, excellent salads and a selection for kids and vegetarians alike.
Chalet Suisse brings some of the best dishes that Aruba offers; it also has a large selection of wines, making a great place to have a nice dinner.

Year after year brings a winning formula, good dishes, good wine and friendly service, with that it will continue to be among the favorites place to eat in Aruba for years to come.

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