Caribbean Car Rental in Aruba

Caribbean car rental is another local car company; it is probable on a second tier, because of its older fleet. It only has one location just outside of the airport in Betoniscatraat, which is convenient when arriving in Aruba.

The rates for some of these cars are comparable to any other local company, the difference becomes evident when you are renting a car for a longer period, that when you are going to see the savings. Caribbean CarRental like most of the companies, its specials run on the low season, making it less affordable on the high season to rent a car.

Like aforementioned, the fleet is older basing on Japanese and Korean models, with the price a third party insurance is included. Keep in mind that if an accident occurs and it is determine it is your fault, you could liable for some of the damages incurred.

If you are planning to be in Aruba for a few days, this could a cheap solution, keep in mind that older could give a headache if not well maintained, and that could a problem. Not forget to ask the front desk for any advice.

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