California Lighthouse

california lighthouse California Lighthouse is one of the top attractions that you will find in Aruba. It is located in a silent sentry in the area known as "Hudishibana," near the island's northwestern tip.
Is named for the U.S ship the California which sunk about two years previous to its construction in 1910, one negative thing with the Lighthouse is close and you will not be able to reach the top.

The site offers spectacular sunsets as the final shades of sunshine give you a sense of peacefulness that only you will experience there. On the edge on a high seaside elevation, the lighthouse has become one of Aruba's scenic trademarks and offers a picture perfect view of the island's western and eastern coastline of sandy beaches, rolling sand dunes and rocky coral shorelines.

California Lighthouse

Next to the lighthouse, there is an Italian restaurant that is open and will give you a perfect view of the western section of Aruba, plus one of the best places that you can have a romantic dinner with one of the most beautiful background on the island.

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