Aruba Butterfly Farm

aruba butterfly farmButterfly farm located in the south part of the high rise section in the north west section of the island on J.E.Irausquin Blvd. It has over 40 different species of butterflies around the world. The entire farm has a large mesh cover in which butterflies are freely to roam and live. The Butterfly farm with its tropical gardens, waterfalls, Japanese ponds, makes it perfect environment for the butterflies to develop with all its beauty and color.

This is a great place to enjoy with the entire family, in there you can see the full evolutionary cycle from a little egg, to a caterpillar to a full blown butterfly. The guide tours are excellent with lots of information on the various types of butterflies and their habitat.

aruba butterfly farm

Guide tours teach and let visitors even touch caterpillars without incurring in any damage, that is the highlight for many visitors, because more than an attraction for visitors, it is a natural playground for all of us to enjoy.

aruba butterfly farm

One interesting thing with this attraction is the idea that anyone can be in close encounter with its natural side on a control environment, which for many individuals, it is a new experience, it is ideal for kids to visit, especially ones that come from bigger cities without any close experience with nature. An experience such this, could develop into hobby or even a profession down the road.

aruba butterfly farm tour

The farm is open daily, but the best time is the morning, in which, you can observe new butterflies come out its pupa and take on their first fly. It is an experience that you will not forget and truly enjoy.

aruba butterfly farm shop

In addition, the farm has a great gift shop, with plenty of items. You will not be able to take a live butterfly with you, but you can get great pictures, information and local art work that truly represent the hard work done inside the farm.

butterfly farm attractions

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