Avis Aruba

Avis Aruba is one of the middle players on the car rental business, it has 4 locations, one at Aruba Queen Beatrix International airport, one outside of the airport a few minutes away, one in Palm beach and the main office in Oranjestad.

It offers the full gamma of cars including SUV, which it has two kinds, one that is more of truly off-road vehicle which is the Jeep and the other one more of mix bag for not so extreme conditions which is the Suzuki Grand Vitara.

Avis is probably to have less likely to have deals than some of the car rental companies on Aruba; AvisAruba is tie closely to Avis USA making it less flexible to have some of the deals. You will enjoy some of the specials that Avis USA has, but call ahead to make sure it will honor them.

It has a fleet of Japanese cars for the most part, except for the 4x4 that is a Jeep, they are well maintained and the service is standard. Like others, this is a no frills car operator but overall does its job if getting you to your destination quickly.

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