Aruba Weather

Aruba weather is wonderful all year round; it is warm, sunny, dry, and breezy. Rainfall is just 18 inches a season from October to March, but it is erratic and limited with sun basically all year.

In Aruba, there is no winter, no snow, no a cold front, just sunshine and a weather that is constant all year around.
For many, that is the most important point in its vacation, get away from the cold, not only is getting away, but to enjoy it, you must safe, comfortable, good service and all the amenities that you can think in your vacation.

Even better because its location is south of the hurricane belt, there are not hurricanes, while during the hurricane season, almost of the islands in the Caribbean are in imminent danger, Aruba storm activity is far to the north with a rare occasion of some ripple effects, such as stronger winds and stronger waves, but it is almost none existent.

Aruba weather varies from 85 F (29 C) to 89f (32C), with an average temperature of 82F(28C). The constant sun could be scorching and in some places that have high reflection, could be blinding.

Again because its location, Aruba weather has an almost constant wind that makes it easy to forget that it could be very hot and uncomfortable at times. Because of the winds, Aruba is almost plague-free which it is a great distinction with some of the other Caribbean island with more tropical weather.

One the other side, because of its low rain and constant winds, it is sometime dusty, but nothing to be preoccupied about, officials keep the island in top shape with limited display of dust or garbage.

Unfortunately this weather is recommended that you wear sun block lotions, especially if you are coming from the more of a winter climate. Even if you forget it or do not bring enough, there are plenty of places that you can buy from.

This phenomenal weather guarantees that you will have a spectacular time in Aruba,  No rain, no hurricanes and plenty of sun, no winter clothes and just sun block lotion, you will be become one of Aruba preferred guest.

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