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You will enjoy your Aruba Travel like you have not done before. In the Caribbean, there are thousands of islands that may entice you to spend your free time, but there is only one that has it all, and that is Aruba.

It is a place in which you will enjoy the weather, the beaches, all the attractions, shopping, restaurants, gambling and all this is at your finger tips.

At the moment you arrive by airplane or by boat, you will enjoy what Aruba has to offer and you will enjoy it up to the moment you leave.

Aruba Travel Aruba Travel

When traveling in Aruba, you have the opportunity to meet and have new friends, Arubans are easy going and pretty much enjoy that Caribbean lifestyle that you see in many islands across of the Caribbean, just relax and enjoy the weather, the beach with what the resorts have to offer and become part of the best island in the Caribbean.

aruba beachesAruba Travel - Beach View

When traveling you have to consider many things, time, budget, any specials needs, food and what type of vacation you want to have, if you have to worry about all that it is not a vacation, it is another regular day, get pamper, let go and the Caribbean spirits will come to you.

Aruba baby beachIn Aruba, You will enjoy the almost perfect weather that Aruba has year round. It has a constant temperature of around 80 F with a constant wind that makes it relaxed and nice to enjoy outdoors facilities, activities and more. In Aruba rarely rains, so whatever you vacations plan are, you will probably have perfect weather, and if you are coming from a cold and rainy place, you want to make sure you get the best possible weather, and Aruba without a doubt has it.

Over a million people come to Aruba every year coming to enjoy the crystal clear and pristine beaches that the island offers, from the warm welcome and the outstanding treatment from around the island; it is a place that makes a lasting feeling on all that come to visit it. Some of the most popular beaches in Aruba are Palm Beach, which is an excellent beach with all the hotels, restaurants and many attractions close by.

You have world class facilities in Aruba and with extreme good services making Aruba a top vacation destination for couples, families, business meetings and more. The airport Queen Beatrix International Airport has all the modern comforts available with its fully renovated terminals servicing all visitors to the island.

There is a large selection of car rentals companies available with variety of vehicles to choose from depending on the budget, and necessities.
Aruba capital
There are also plenty of taxis available, for the most part are courteous and safe. You can take a taxi at the airport, at the hotel or on the street and they will take you wherever you want to go.

If you what to know Aruba cheaply, there is a solution as well, you can take public transportation and it is very reliable, on time and with multi-lingual drivers, it is something that in other islands is a lot more difficult to do, because of safety and languages differences.

Aruba Hotels cater to any type of event and they offers a variety of packages such as, weddings, honeymoon, family packages, and business events, some of them offer a great value even when it is high season, meaning from December to April of every year.

In Aruba, you have from the most beautiful resorts that have gorgeous rooms, with multiple swimming pools, all-day activities, different restaurants, spa, casinos and all this is in one resort giving you all need without leaving it. Or in contrast you will find some of the less impressive, but still amiable, clean, well maintained hotels that will give you a great value proposition. 

If you like to shop, Aruba is the place to do it, downtown Oranjestad is completely fill of stores that offers an endless selection of perfumes, cosmetics, clothes, local art work and some electronics, all these within walking distance in the downtown.

Also there are small strip malls on the north side of the island, especially on the Palm Beach area, which also host a large selection of restaurants, and nightlife giving extra choices while in Aruba Travel.

Aruba is not a small place that you will only eat well at the hotel or resort that you are staying, of course, there are resorts that are all inclusive and the food for the most part is good. But there are also a large list of restaurants that you can try, there are located all over the island, in downtown Oranjestad, on the north side of Palm Beach and a few in Saint Nicholas. You can try, Italian, international, Dutch, French, American, Chinese, Thai, Hindu and many more that are in Aruba that would be to difficult to mention. Even if you do not like any food, there are franchises that will fill any cravings that you may have, not only any cravings but also convenience.

Aruba Divi Divi In Aruba, things go a slow speed, it is easy to relax and you are not rush, the only rush that you will have is to sit down on the beach and have a drink to enjoy what nature has to offer, it is just as simple as that, just relax.

Aruba Travel has plenty of attractions, some the favorite’s attractions are the Atlantis submarine and some of the tours like many local operators offers, such as all day snorkeling and scuba diving, which gives you drinks and food, making a favorite for many tourist. You can be on your own and explore the island, by renting a vehicle is probably the easiest way to do it, but you can use some of the same operators that offers some all-day or half day tours that will show some of the most important attractions on the island.

Aruba is another small island in the Caribbean, but makes Aruba unique is that it is the whole package; you have everything that you may need on your vacation, if you can find it here, you can not find it anywhere else. Enjoy your Aruba Travel

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Is the capital of Aruba, with the best dining and shopping on the island. There are plenty of attractions to see and enjoy, all government offices are in Oranjestad. You can walk, drive, eat, play at some of the most sophisticated city in the Caribbean.

Aruba Island
Is the best island in the Caribbean to spend your vacation. Unlike others, this island has it all, beautiful beaches, nice people, excellent hotels, restaurants, shopping and attractions. It is difficult to find another place that can you all this and not feel charmed by. Nobody can say like the locals, it is One Happy Island.

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