Aruba Shopping

aruba shoppingAruba shopping is always available and many go to extreme lengths to cater to their clients. Aruba shopping is not an exception to the rule; there are great shopping zones, especially in Oranjestad and on the north section of the island.

It is certain that many visitors flock into Aruba, because of the great weather and great beaches, to explore the island and enjoy the great resorts, for many others shopping is also a decision making process.

There are different levels of shopping, there is the top level that shows all types of stores, like Hugo Boss, Gucci, Cartier,Tiffany, Louis Vuitton, Dolce and Gabana and the list can go on and on. There are plenty of jewelers, perfume stores and also some local shops that show local art, making perfect for personal souvenirs. Dutch influence is great and there is a great selection of cheeses, and many other products from Holland, making very diverse landscape.

Aruba Shopping
There are also more moderate stores in Aruba that will also give a wide variety of products, and lastly there are more value stores and a good example is Ling & Sons supermarkets that offer great products at much lower prices.

aruba shopping

In Aruba, all credit cards are accepted and also international currency is widely use, so you can pay in U.S dollars or Euros, depending your country of origin. Unfortunately, Aruba is not duty free port, but that does not mean that you can get excellent prices on many of the stores, it is recommended you shop before you buy and make your final decision. If you are returning to the United States, there is an allowance of $600 per person for duty free items; that is only if the individuals has been outside the country for over 48 hours. That allowance can be accumulating depending on the size of the family traveling; for example, family of 5 people then the allowance is $3000. In Canada depending on the length of the stay outside of the country, it could be an allowance up to 500 Canadian dollars, but unlike the U.S, it can not be pooled with family members.

aruba shopping

Because Aruba does not have sales tax and the duty is low, usually between 3-4 %, making a great place to buy gifts and souvenirs.

In downtown Oranjestad, is where most of the shops are located, it is strategically located close to the airport and sea port. Most shops are open everyday and Aruba biggest mall are in the same vicinity. Some of the most popular malls are the Royal plaza mall on L.G. Smith Blvd close to port and located in downtown, it is a colorful Dutch building that host Tommy Hilfiger, Benetton and Nautica as some of its principal tenants.

aruba shopping

In Aruba Shopping, next door is Seaport Village Mall which is located underneath the Renaissance Aruba Beach Resort and Casino, this small host over 130 stores, 2 casinos and over 20 restaurants including a movie theater making a top spot on the shopping list.

aruba shopping

Alhambra Shopping in the low-rise area is a trendy mall offers some souvenirs shops, cigars stores and some jewelry outlets, making a great place to buy. There are also plenty of stores around the high rise area and restaurants, make them accessible to all guest of the hotels without the need to take any transportation, just a few steps away.

Whatever is your inclination, desire, budget or taste, you probably will find something that you like at an accessible price.

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