Aruba Restaurants

Aruba Restaurants are an important part of your vacation and in Aruba. We are so fixated on what to eat, where to eat, on our regular lives that we transport it into our vacation.

Aruba Restaurants

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For the most part vacationers just want to sit on the beach, drink and not worry about what to eat, and the choices in Aruba Restaurants are endless. If you stay at any resort or hotels, they offers many selections that you can try, from snacks and burgers to formal dining, all that without leaving the hotel. In that same group, you have all you can eat resorts that provide in most cases almost 24 hrs of food ready to consume.

Best Restaurants of Aruba

Aruba restaurants are amongthe top places to eat, leaving many Caribbean islands on the dust. Aruba has a large selection of restaurant that you can choose from, you can choose French cuisine, Argentinean, Cuban, Italian, Mexican, Japanese, Chinese, Indian and regular American food.

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Plus you have many of the franchises that you would have in the U.S, such as McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken to name a few. Foods from all of these restaurants are similar to what you can get in the U.S at similar price, which could be significant if you bring your kids and avoid having difficulty on finding food that are used to eating.

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Aruba is a small island with 90,000 thousand people, but as you can see there is plenty of a selection of food at available at your fingers tips. Most of the Aruba restaurants, franchises are situated in Oranjestad or in Palm Beach, so by taking a short cab or if you are renting a car, only a few minutes away will get you to your destination. Keep in mind that if your restaurant is in Oranjestad, there is traffic congestion on a Friday night or Saturday night and it could take you a little bit longer than any other times.

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In Aruba you will need a reservation to eat where you want to, and the hotel could probably help you on doing so. Reservations are not needed all the time, but on Friday night or Saturday night is recommended that you do, specially on the high season, where the populations explodes and  many tourist come to Aruba.

yemanjaTo have a reservation does not mean fancy clothes, jewelry, shoes, in the majority, restaurants have a casual eating atmosphere with the exception of few, but for the most part they have a relax ambiance and friendly service. This also means that you should not go on your beach attire to any restaurant, except any of the fast food places that are all over the island.

Aruba’s food is a bit pricey like in most Caribbean island, and Aruba is not an exception to the rule. Except for a few items, almost everything is imported from the U.S for the most part and a few things from neighboring Venezuela and a few other places such the Netherlands and its famous Gouda Cheese that is available almost everywhere. If you require a special needs, such as vegetarian food or have your kids with you, you most likely find food that will fit your need, also in most places, they will try to accommodate you, so you can enjoy a well deserve meal.

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In general all restaurants have a good variety of foods, but most of them offer some sort of fish dishes that some of them are imported and some of the caught and prepare fresh for their customers. That is not saying that you can get kitchen, lamb or beef in almost any restaurants on the island.


In addition, some resorts and hotels offer Sunday Brunches on a regular basis, but if there is special occasion, such as mother’s or father’s day many restaurants offer that option of eating, the buffets are elaborate and also bring many of Arubans to enjoy of such meal.

Not to be disappointed on the price, restaurateurs go to great length to provide for the best experience possible, since there is plenty of a competition from other restaurants including from the resorts and the hotels as well.

nice restaurantBecause of those reasons, it will rare to have a bad experience on any of the restaurant on the island. Portions are big, like you would have in the U.S, helping to the whole dinning out experience; usually portions could go either way, it could allow you to share some plates and save some money or attract big eaters and have a full blown meal, or something in between. Whatever category you fall in, you will find it in Aruba.

Service is good for the most part, servers are multilingual, since they speak English, Dutch, Papiamento and Spanish and they do work for your tips. It is accustomed to charge a 15 percent gratuity, in most cases is already added to the final bill and it is divided with all restaurant employees, giving the bigger part to waiter/waitress. Before you pay it, make sure you play a close look to avoid any confusion with the bill.

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Many Aruba restaurants or resorts will try to accommodate special occasions, such as romantic dinner on the beach with live music, making an unforgettable moment during your vacation, and setting that seed that brings many visitors over and over to the island.

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In Aruba is a gem with its beaches, hotels, resorts and restaurants, you will find some of the best cuisine around the Caribbean, on your next visit to Aruba regardless of price, food preference or if it is an special occasion, you will find the meal that best suits you, making a lasting impression. Enjoy the best Aruba Restaurants ! ! !

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Best Aruba Restaurants

Flying Fishbone
Is one of the best restaurant in Aruba, what makes this restaurant unique is its location, which is on the beach and combine with good ingredients and friendly service, makes this one of the most romantic place that you can have a dinner.
It is one a popular destination, and reservations are recommended since it is location in Savaneta, south of the airport.

It has one of the most romantic places in Aruba. It is a mixture of influences that combine with simple cooking and good ingredients, makes what Marandi is a restaurant among the best on the island.

Yemanja Woodfire Grill
Excellent restaurant that has strong Caribbean roots. The food is simple and fresh, making it one of the top restaurant on the island. It is a phenomenal place to have dinner, either at the dinner room or outside, great restaurant.

Passions Beach Bar and Restaurant
Is among one of the best restaurants in Aruba, you can sit by the sea and enjoy at one of the best locations in the Island and that is on the beach. You will enjoy a large selection of grilled plates with good service, making a great place to dine.

Screaming Eagle
Top restaurant in Aruba, it is the combination of an incredible lounge with good food that makes this place one of the best. This is a trendy, fashionable and a excellent place to eat appetizers and drinks while enjoying the atmosphere.

Que Pasa ?
Located in downtown Oranjestad is a place that excellent atmosphere and good food, makes a place for many regulars. The bar is probably the strongest point, but the food is a nice complement, whether you are outside or inside, it will a fun experience to dine at Que Pasa?

Chez Matilde
Top French restaurant in Aruba, it is on the pricey side. It cuisine is mostly modern French with a large selection of main dishes to choose from, including a large selection of wines. If you are not interesting on dining, you can try on the bistro in front of the local.

Savanna Lodge and Restaurant
Savanna Lodge and Restaurant is a unique restaurant in Aruba, it is the only place that you consume ostrich as a entrée or side dish. It is once in a lifetime experience that you must have, and try.

Chalet Suisse Restaurant
Is one of most renown restaurant in Aruba, year after year has been one of the top restaurant with its excellent cuisine and top service. It has the perfect recipient for success, good ingredients, delightful dishes and friendly service, that is more to say about Chalet Suisse.

Madame Janette
Madame Janette is an award winning restaurant that offers some of the best selections of beef in Aruba. It is highly renowned cuisine brings great dishes with European and French flavors.

Rumba Wine Bar and Grill
Rumba Wine Bar & Grill is between the best places to have a good meal in Aruba, from breakfast to dinner, it has a large selection with great products and good quality, with top notch service.

Sawasdee is among the best restaurants in Aruba year after year, it offers a large selection of Thai plates including vegetarian options. Located in Noord only a few minutes away from Palm Beach and Oranjestad making a great restaurant for any dining experience.

LG Smithss Steakand Chop House
L G Smith ss Steak and Chop House is one of the best steakhouse in Aruba. It is situated in the Renaissance mall in downtown Oranjestad. It has certified angus meat with a selection of land and sea that will make your mouth water.Aruba Vacation the best Island.

Enjoy your Aruba Restaurants ! ! !

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