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Aruba Hotels have several choices at your disposal. The hospitality industry goes to great length on meeting and exceeding your expectations. The competition between Hotels is fierce, if one Aruba Hotel has a new service o feature, hotels scramble to match it or add to it.

Hotels in Aruba are one of the biggest economic engine of the island and bending- over-backwards to tourist is not predetermine to just an elite high paying customers but to all customers.

Big hotels, small hotels, resorts, timeshare, villas and much smaller cater extremely well to all their visitors and the service in most cases is superb. It will be difficult to find a lemon in Aruba, lemon being a bad hotel; With Aruba Hotels are some issues of location, prices and amenities while you are trying to choose the right accommodations in your trip to Aruba.

Aruba Hyatt Keep in mind that there are not free lunches even in Aruba, but you will find great deal if you plan to book your trip in low season, which is between April to late November or early December, the rates during that season tend to be 50 % lower than the higher season, during the low season you will see more of families or groups on the island as well visitors from South America since it turns out to be their winter season during those months of the year.

In the contrary, visitors from Canada, United States and Europe tend to visit between December- to- April frame period, but also they are a much older crowed.

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Aruba Hotels are above from other Caribbean islands hotels, they tend to be clean, fairly well maintain and mostly all of them have basic amenities such as air condition rooms, clean water, and a pool for their guest. Of course the bigger the hotel or resort, they have more amenities such as spa, restaurants, much more selection of rooms, suites and of course pools, also that there is a correlation with the price of the room you pay.

Radisson ArubaEven tough there are great deals, many Aruba Hotels, specially the medium or large one offer many packages, one common package is the Honeymoon one, in which they will handle  the event to meet the bride’s wishes and all the necessary paperwork to be legally married in Aruba regardless of race or religion. For other packages call your local travel agent or the hotel and see what fits you the best.

Aruba Hotels are divided into the three geographical areas, one is in downtown Oranjestad, then the low- rise which is on the near north of the island, near Machebo and Eagle beach, and the last section is on the high-rise on Palm beach. Each with its unique set of hotels, those 3 areas hold probably 90 % of the entire hotels on the island.

Occidental Grand ArubaThere are some much more bed and breakfast in the southern part of the island, especially  in the town of Saint Nicholas, another section of the website we will have a section that will talk about some of them, but in the meantime just mentioning the 3 areas will give you a clear vision what the hotels in Aruba are and what they can offer.

In downtown Oranjestad, the hotels offer closeness to all kind of shopping, dinning and entertainment options including nightlife, cinema, casino and much more, all these within walking distance, which is great. Although, downtown area does not have any front beach, a few great beaches are only 10 minute drive. Unlike many other islands that they tell you not go out of their facilities, Aruba is safe for all visitors, so being outside the hotel, having a good time is not a problem.

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Neighboring Oranjestad to the north is the low-rise area, in these area hotels rates are attractive for more value customers or families, away from downtown area, and there basically no close shopping or nightlife, some of the hotels are in front of the beach, and all the services are enclosed with the hotel grounds, it is a quieter and relaxing in comparison with Oranjestad.

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The high-rise is where all the biggest resorts and hotels on Aruba are, it is the Miami Beach of Aruba and it is called high-rise hotels because some of these hotels are close to 20 stories high. All of these high-rise reports are what is known are Palm Beach, as you can imagine they offer all sorts of services to theirs guest, most of them are also front beach properties, accessible to all guest and island visitors.

Aruba Ocean Club
Palm Beach area is complete of restaurants and shops, all within walking distance from many of these hotels, casinos and night shows fill the night, in addition many of the tours operators have a presence in the high-rise area, making a very convenient place to stay.

Best Hotels of Aruba
Although Aruba Hotels are different in many ways, including price, one thing must be clear is that the beach on low-rise and high-rise are the same, they are sandy, crystal blue, gorgeous beaches. Aruba’s beaches are public so you have access regardless whether you are staying in particular place or not.

Aruba Hotels RiuAruba Hotels - Rui Palace Aruba

In this section, we have grouped Aruba Hotels by price, it does not mean you should rule any hotel because they are in a particular section, especially if you are looking during the off –season. Below you will see a list of some of the most popular hotels on the island by price and they are not in any particular order, there are mentioned to help you on your selection process.

Brickell Bay Beach Club


Expensive Hotels:

  • Reinancesse Aruba Resort & Casino
    Is one of the most spectacular resort that you can find in Aruba. It is centrally located in Oranjestad and it is the only one that has its own island. It is phenomenal for couples, families and resort with super service and great rooms.


  • Talk of the Town Beach Club
    Aruba Hotels a budget hotel only a few minutes away from the airport. It is popular with Europeans, close to Oranjestad in front of Surfside Beach. Great ambiance and great spot for carnival.


High-Rise hotels at Palm Beach

Very Expensive

  • Aruba Marriot Resort & Stellaris Casino
    On Palm Beach is one of the most expensive hotels on the island with super services and great facilities. Run by Marriott is one top resorts in Aruba, check for rates and enjoy probably the best location in Aruba.
  • Hyatt Regency Aruba Resort & Casino
    Being on of the premier destination in Aruba, great rooms on incredible common areas. Check for prices and book and one of the most beautiful resort that Aruba has to offer.
  • Marriott’s Aruba Ocean Club
    Has the best spa in Aruba, great place for couples with a high level of sophistication. Check for rates and book some of the rooms with the best view of Palm Beach with incredible good service.
  • Radisson Aruba Resort & Casino
    This Aruba Hotels is one of the best places that you can stay in Aruba, located on Palm Beach high rise with modern art deco in the rooms and in the lobby. It is a relaxing atmosphere for you to sit relax by the pool or beach.
  • Westin Aruba Resort Spa & Casino
    Top destination in Aruba. The resort has spectacular views with comfortable rooms and great facilities. Check for prices including children under 12 stay for free. Very popular with families, couples and business.
  • Rui Palace Aruba
    All inclusive hotel is one of the most popular destination. It is one of the biggest and one that you do not need outside of the hotel to enjoy Aruba. This hotel offers almost everything you and everything is included on the price.
  • Tierra del Sol Aruba Resort & Country Club (Tierra del Sol, close by California Lighhouse)
    Is the only resort on its kind in Aruba. It is the only one that offers golf, spa and modern amenities on Aruba. It is exclusive, calm with great ambiance and sophistication.


  • Aruba Divi Phoenix Beach Resort
    With a combination of rooms and villas, located on Palm Beach on the high rise area, great views. Check for prices with children under 12 staying for free
  • Holiday Inn SunSpree Aruba Resort & Casino
    Has some of the best service you can find in any hotel in Palm Beach. It has good rates and rooms are standard with constant renovation. Very popular resort for families, couples and honeymonners.
  • Playa Linda Beach Resort
    A high class timeshare resort with its maya pyramid brings an excellent service in an super location on the north side of Palm Beach. It is for higher older crowd with a sense of refine taste.


  • Caribbean Palm Village Resort
    Aruba Hotels a few minutes away Palm Beach, it has some of the best prices on rooms in Aruba. Check for prices and take advantage of some of the best value in Aruba.
  • The Mill Resort & Suites
    Is a resort that is not beachfront property with great atmosphere popular with couple and honeymooners. Check for local rates that kids under 15 years of age stay for free.
  • Occidental Gran Aruba
    Is an all inclusive resort, it is the biggest resort in Aruba with almost 1000 rooms. Occidental Grand Aruba has plenty activities, food, drinks that you do not need to leave the resort. Very popular with families and a great kids program, phenomenal place to stay.


  • Aruba Millennium
    Is a value hotel with basic amenities off Palm Beach offers a solution for travelers with a limited budget.
  • Brickell Bay Beach Club
    Is the best budget solution on Aruba, with over 100 rooms, recently renovated offers good rooms at a great price. Please check for rates that are different from the high to low season (Aruba Hotels good option)
  • Coconut Inn
    Low budget bed and breakfast motel with studios and one bedroom apartments.


Low-Rise Hotels

Very Expensive

  • Costa Linda Beach Resort
    Is timeshare offering a boutique solution, only 155 rooms, rooms are spacious fitting large parties. Check for rates to book on some of the most luxurious rooms Aruba has to offer.


  • Aruba Bucuti Beach Resort and Tara Beach Suites and Spa
    On Eagle beach is on one of the best beaches in Aruba. It is a boutique resort with refine and sophisticated guest, being a green hotel has some of the best rooms that you can get and help the environment at the same time.
  • Casa del Mar Beach Resort
    Is a timeshare resort situated in the low rise area, it has very luxurious rooms with on a quite part of Manchebo Beach being fantastic for families.



  • Amsterdam Manor Aruba Beach Resort
    On Eagle beach offers beautiful views on standard room, check on rates for the low and high season, great place for families.
  • Aruba Beach Club
    Is a timeshare resort that offers a good value with good rooms. Aruba Beach Club offers simples things such as good service and cleanliness, rooms are great for families and can fit up to 6 people.
  • Divi Aruba All Inclusive
    An Aruba Hotels main destination for all inclusive packages. It is part of the bigger complex that Tamarijn Aruba is. It is located on Druif beach on the low rise. Check for rates that children under 2 stay for free and under 18, just pay $50. Great value.
  • Paradise Beach Villas
    On Eagle beach is a resort that rooms have plenty of comfort and being on the beach, it is has a peaceful and calm that is coming from a simple life. It is a great place to disconnect from the world.
  • Tamarijin Aruba All Inclusive
    Is an all inclusive resort and part of the Divi Aruba is among the biggest in Aruba. Great food, good services with standard rooms and popular for families and kids under 18 stay for free. Plenty of activities in and around the complex, very popular destination.
  • Arubiana Inn
    Is a budget hotel in Aruba located a few minutes away from Palm Beach. Offers a quite clean and great value room in Aruba. Check for rates and take advantage of them.
  • La Quinta Beach Resort
    Is a timeshare that is popular with older couples and offer good rooms are at good price. Rooms are standard with modern amenities. A beach front property on a quite place with an older crowd.

As you can see, there are plenty of choices where you can stay in Aruba, from the most expensive and exquisite places, to the more inexpensive one. Like aforementioned, Arubans take care of their visitors, they know that if you are not satisfied, you are unlikely to come back and that is a negative impact to them, so their customer service is superb, making your stay more enjoyable.

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