Aruba Honeymoon

Aruba Honeymoon are why many couples go to Aruba year after year. Hotels and resorts offer wedding and honeymoon travel services that will help you create the wedding and the honeymoon of your dream, they simplify the process for you and your guests, so the couples will not have to worry with any preparation details.

Choosing Aruba for your honeymoon is an excellent option, the weather is warm and unlike other islands with more tropical lush, Aruba tends to be on the dry and windy side. When planning your Aruba Honeymoon weather is not a significant factor, you most likely do not have to worry about the weather for that special day, especially when you have a hurricane season and raining season in many other locations, and those two factors could ruin your day or even your time at the island.

Another advantage in Aruba for your honeymoon is that offers plenty of activities for all ages, on that day, you will be accompanied with some of your closest family and friends, and being in a place with limited options could damper your experience and your guest as well, and that is not the case in Aruba.

You Aruba Honeymoon starts at the beach, Aruba’s beaches are exceptional with plus you and your guest can enjoy some of the activities at the hotel or resort of your staying. There are plenty of restaurants, casinos, nightclubs in Aruba that you can choose from; you could also rent a car and see of the attraction that Aruba offers, you could windsurf, scuba dive or take plenty or tours available on land as well on water, or at the end of the day, you could be at the resort just laying on the beach, but you will not run out of things that in Aruba, which is another great add on to your wedding decision.

Aruba has secluded stretches of beaches, extraordinaire restaurants and casinos and active nightlife. You can choose from a large list of places that offers honeymoon packages or you can do it on your with plenty of place and restaurants to choose from. Either way you choose to do it, it is recommended to go first hand and see the facilities, food and some the options available, you should try to spend a little bit of time searching for the right place, depending on your budget and time constrains.

Also keep in mind that your cost will change as you choose your wedding day, it is cheaper to get married on the low season that it is on the high season, on the high season will have the problem that hotels are busier and dates may be difficult to find, they will try to work with you, it is not impossible, but it is a lot more difficult to arrange.

From our experience below here are some hotel recommendations for your Aruba honeymoon, some of them offer wedding packages and services that may be worth taking a close look in your selection and decision:

  • Hyatt Regency Aruba Beach Resort & Casino is mega complex with casino and waterslide, right on the beach, very popular with honeymooners.
  • Bucuti Beach Resort is an eco-friendly luxury low-rise resort located Eagle beach on one of the most popular beaches in Aruba, which has one of the best location for pictures in entire Aruba.
  • Divi Aruba Beach and Tamarijn Aruba Beach Resorts with gorgeous beach locations on Druif beach, which brings many couple and honeymooners to its all inclusive complex.
These are some of the most popular places that many couple chooses to
do their wedding; it does not mean that you can stay with some of the
resorts, buy you choose someplace completely different.

There are some limitations, remember that could a place could be book for the time that you choose to do the wedding, and probably the best way to start is to call your travel agent or start with some of the hotels mentioned and ask their event/wedding manager, which will guide you and even give you plenty of recommendation depending on the budget, time, and they will do some of the necessary paperwork to get you a marriage license from Aruba.

At the moment there is an establish program that many resorts, hotels already participate and it is called “One Cool Honeymoon”. It is a program that gives the couple a red carpet treatment at the resort of choice. They obtain a free bottle of champagne, a souvenir basket and free night at one year anniversary visit. This is one standard program across the island, helping your stay be a great one.

Each resort has different options and cost depending on your particular needs, one thing is clear from your Aruba Honeymoon, it will be unforgettable.

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