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Aruba Flights offer many options available to all its visitors. It is one of the most important vacation destinations for many all year round and has one of the highest visitor returning rate of any island in the Caribbean.

If you are planning to come from the U.S, there are plenty of direct flights from several cities, such as Miami, Houston, and Atlanta, Newark, New York City and on season from December to March, New York City becomes a big hub for many operators.

There are also plenty charters flights from Boston, Chicago, Baltimore, New York, Cleveland, St Louis, Philadelphia, Memphis, Milwaukee, Charlotte and many more cities.

Some of the charters flights are found through local travel agents such as American Express, Liberty Travel, Funjet Vacations, Apple Vacations, Aruba Flights.

The options are endless, including vacations packages thru your airline company, like American Airline Vacations, Continental Airline Vacations, United Vacation and Delta Vacations to name a few.

In 2009 Air Trans Air and Spirit Airlines added direct flights to Aruba, adding capacity and low fare solutions for your travel search.

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There are some pointers that may help your Aruba Vacation search, the first one in time of the year, check for sales, search the internet and look for consolidators.

Time of the year will allow you for greater discounts or not, in Aruba during the U.S and Europe winter season, discounts are harder to get and more rake rates are the norm. So after March to November, discounts on flights, room rates, and coupons are wildly accepted on the island.

The internet, what we could do without it. Using it gives you plenty of information, and by checking some of the travel sites such as,, Travelocity,, will give you plenty of choices by creating your own vacation package or do by searching it individually.

Reputable Consolidators like and are another window to see what best fit your pocket, beware of the terms and conditions before you decided to go to any of them, get a record locator before even attempt to get any tickets from them. They are great with its low, low prices but sometimes low does not mean better, so do a little bit of homework before you are ready to book your Aruba vacation.

Look for Aruba Flights Sales, they are everywhere do not settle for any rake rates, there may be good value somewhere, one thing that you can do is to call the resort or hotel to see what is the best price for the room, once you decided on your stay.

Last but not least use us as a good reference for your vacation, in this website there is plenty of good information that will give you the best choice for your need, so take advantage of it.

Reina Beatrix international airport is the main point of entrance. It was completed renovated with its current layout and size in 2000.

It has two terminals with all modern comfort such as air condition, wireless internet, restaurant and shops. It currently has 24 counters servicing an array of airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, KLM, US Airways Continental, Jet Blue and Air Trans Air to mention a few.

The airport most important arrangement is the fact that one terminal is exclusively servicing the U.S, U.S bound travelers do U.S customs and immigration in Aruba.

Aruba Airport U.S carriers recommend that when you travel to the U.S you be at least 3 hrs early since it is a long process before you board your airplane.

Unfortunately, Aruba government in order to protect taxi drivers prohibits the hotels and resorts to shuttle its guest. If you purchase a package, you will be given a voucher and taken on air-condition bus to your destination. Otherwise, you will have to get a taxi or rent a car.

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Getting a taxi, it is also convenient since they are just outside of the arrival terminal. Fares are fixed and posted on each taxi, making almost haggle-free for anyone who uses them. A regular fare from the airport to the north side of the island where most of the hotels and the resorts are located runs about $20 one-way, and it takes about 20 minutes depending on traffic and the hour.

Another advantage of the airport is that there are various car rental companies on the premises, which allows many visitors to rent their vehicles right away, just a few feet away.

Some of the main companies are Hertz, Alamo, Dollar, Avis, Thrifty, Budget and a few more, in general like in the case of Hertz and Alamo have another locations across the island with Hertz being one of the biggest with 8 offices.

All these are designed to start your vacation as soon as you arrive in Aruba.

Enjoy your Aruba Flights

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