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Aruba Attractions even though the island is small, you can take a day or two and explore its windswept hills, rouged coasts and dirt roads that are worth of your seeing and are totally different from the resort areas.

In Aruba, you can spend all your stay on the beach or with in the resort or hotel of your stay, but there is another side of Aruba that will welcome with its charm.  Ordinary cars can take to almost everywhere, but we recommend an off-road vehicle.

Aruba Attractions Aruba Attractions - Best Beaches

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There are two ways of exploring these Aruba attractions, one it is on your own and another is thru a guided tour. If you choose to do it on your own pace, you can rent a four-wheel-drive vehicle for less than 100 dollars per day and if you are sharing with friends or family, it could be good value choice.

Aruba Pirate BoatAruba Attractions - PirateBoat

Driving around the island is fun and simple, but be forewarned that sings are often small and unnoticeable, always ask for map and you can always ask for directions from the locals, again the island is small enough that even you your are lost, you will find your bearing.

Aruba Natural PoolAruba Attractions - Natural Pool

If you do not want to be lost, or behind the wheel, you can always take a guided tours. There are several companies that can give you what your are looking for. The options of these tours are half-day or full-day, depending on the operator and the type of tour, you can have an air-conditioned motor coach or four-wheel drive or you’re on ATV. Almost all operators offer refreshments, snacks and or full meal. Here is a list of the most popular De Palm Tours,  ABC Aruba tours, Pelican Adventures, Wix Tours.

Coming back to Aruba attractions, the most popular circuit is starting on the northern part of the island at California Lighthouse, then to Alta Vista chapel, Bushitibans Gold Smelter Ruins and Ayo and Casibari rock formations which are located in the middle of the island.

Also, you can go to the natural bridge and natural pool which are located in the eastern part of the island. Going south you can stop at Arikok National Park, and finish in the southern part of the island in the town of San Nicolas getting to Rodger’s and Baby beach.

Aruba ShoppingAruba Attractions - Shopping

One thing that we wanted to leave for last is Oranjestad that since being the capital it has excellent shopping, some small museums and fantastic restaurants.

Aruba ActivitiesAruba Attractions - WindSurfing

Up to this point, all of Aruba Attractions are on land and not a mention of the wonderful reason people go to Aruba and are to be in and around the water; there are water tours, scuba diving, deep-sea fishing, kayaking, wave runners, kite surfing and snorkeling. On the water attractions section, Aruba offers Atlantis Adventures which offers its own submarine excursion and each could last up to almost 2 hours and being under water for at least 50 minutes. It is one the most unique attractions that the island offers.

Attractions of Aruba Aruba Attractions - Best Beaches

Aruba attractions also offer private islands within Aruba, making more exclusive for its visitors like it is offer by the Renaissance Resort and De Palm tours. In the case of Renaissance you have to be guest at the hotel but with De Palm tours, it is open to the public and offers activities for the whole family, it is another option in the many at the island.

Aruba Best AttractionsAruba Attractions - Natural Bridge

If you are looking into a more conservative type of attractions, there is golf, tennis, bicycling, hiking, and bowling and who can forget horseback riding. Sometimes it is difficult to fulfill the needs of friends, family and anybody in between, if all these Aruba Attractions do not fulfill them, I do not know what would.

Aruba ViewOcean View

As you can see, the list is long and the selection of attractions and activities are enormous.

Along the website, there is a brief description of some of the main Aruba Attractions and how to get them while you are planning your trip to the island. It is important to remember that along these activities, there is plenty more to see and do, such as the Aruba and all its beaches, also you in, you can pick to do list and see in one or more days.

Aruba Beaches

Best Attractions in Aruba

Aruba Beaches
Aruba Attractions Beaches are among the most breath taking beaches in the world, you will find the shallow light crystal blue waters with white sand dunes to just relax. Aruba beaches also offer some of the best swimming beaches in the Caribbean with nice, refreshing waters. In contrast, you will discover the untouched natural dark blue water and windy side that is perfect for playing water sports, or have a romantic picnic. Whatever beach you like, you will find it in Aruba; all you got to do is be there.

California Lighthouse
California Lighthouse is one of the main attractions in Aruba, built in 1910 brings one of the best spots that will allow to see the west and east coastline in Aruba. If you are looking a good romantic place with incredible view, you may want to try the restaurant next to the lighthouse, which will give a great background, while you eat there.

Natural Pool
This Aruba Attractions on the eastern side of the island, it is a popular destination for many tour operators and many visit it every year. The access is difficult, you the views are spectacular and on a crystal you will see a good stretch of Aruba. It is beautiful, natural and fun for all its visitors.

Aruba Natural Bridge
Aruba Attractions Natural bridge is the most visited Aruba Attractions. It is a rock formation because of wind, waves have carve, creating a bridge that you can walk on. The scenery is spectacular, unfortunately the bridge collapse and now the only one standing is the baby bridge. It is spectacular to see the eastern side of the island, with the strong waves and wind, a good stop in the many attractions on the island.

Aruba Butterfly Farm
Aruba Butterfly Farm located on Palm Beach is one the only type of farm in Aruba. You will find a gorgeous garden with a large variety of butterflies, it is the only type of its kind in the Caribbean. It is a great attraction for nature lovers and families, since the tours simple and give a lot of information on the life of the butterflies.

Arikok National Park
Arikok National Park is the biggest reserve on the island. It has almost all the flora and fauna in Aruba. It is a great place for trekking, biking and being outdoors. It is accessible and with new facilities open, it is comfortable to explore.

Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in Aruba
Windsurfing and Kitesurfing in Aruba are two great sports that are practice in Aruba. The conditions are perfect, you can do both of them on the north west side or in the south eastern side of the island. You will find all the necessary equipment and training to learn and practice a sport that draws plenty of attention.

Aruba Scuba Diving
Aruba Attractions Aruba Scuba Diving is the best in the Caribbean, it is not only the coral, reefs and the fishes. It is the variety of ship wreck that Aruba has, making a fun place to scuba. Aruba offers the best conditions for scuba diving in the Caribbean, clear and warm water and good and safe equipment is another reason why Aruba is your top vacation destination.

Aruba Snorkeling
Aruba Snorkeling is one of the most popular activity people do in Aruba, it is easy, fun, colorful and eco-friendly. You can snorkel buy at the hotel or resort, you can do it at a tour, you can do it on your own. This is a great cheap activity that adults and kids enjoy, especially when Aruba has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Caribbean.

De Palm Island
De Palm Island is one attractions that any visitor to Aruba must see. This private island is one of the main attractions in Aruba, you have everything in Aruba from waterslides, watersports, beach, pools, food and drinks are included in the price, is a great solution for families that spend their vacation in Aruba.

Archaeological Museum of Aruba
Archaeological Museum of Aruba is the only archeological museum in Aruba, it has a small but significant exhibit. It is excellent place to see the history of Aruba, located in Oranjestad and being free, it is an important attraction for many visitors to Aruba.

Mounting Biking in Aruba
Aruba Attractions Mounting Biking in Aruba is an activity that will give a lot of freedom to explore Aruba. All of the operators offers the necessary equipment for your enjoyment. You will bike around the island is an extremely easy, fun and safe.

Aloe Factory
Aruba Aloe Factory is guided tour of the oldest economic engine in Aruba, it is a great half day tour for a rainy day. During the tour will explain you some of the benefits of the Aloe and how it is made in Aruba. Fun fact tour for the family.

Balashi Beer
Balashi Beer is the best beer of Aruba take the tour is from Monday - Friday (one free drink with the ticket tour)

Ostrich Farm
Aruba Ostrich Farm is a farm in Arikok National park that offers a glimpse on the life of Ostriches, it is only one of its kind in the Caribbean, it is an interesting tour and you can enjoy and enjoy the facilities and restaurants and its dishes.

Aruba Shopping
Aruba Shopping is one of the best in the Caribbean, there are plenty of stores from which to choose. There are plenty of places in downtown Oranjestad and Palm Beach that have everything that you can imagine, from perfumes, jewelry, clothes, local artisans and many more options. If you like shopping Aruba is the place to be.

Aruba Casinos
Aruba Attractions Casinos are like Vegas, open 24 hours a day, in almost all of the hotels, and other places, you will see a Casino in Aruba. Aruba Casino is another attraction that has a strong economic impact on Aruba, you can play almost any type of game, slots to blackjack from penny to high rollers. If gambling is in you, Aruba is the place to be.

Casibari Rock Formations
Casibari Rock Formations are geological formation in the center of Aruba. It is a fantastic attraction, in which you can climb to the top of the formation and enjoy the views and freeze that runs through it. It is free and fund to explore with the whole family.

Aruba Tours
Aruba tour is an excellent way to know the island of Aruba, there are plenty of operators and type of tours available. It is convenient, safe and some of the tours offer food and refreshments, make it a great opportunity to get out of your hotel or resort to enjoy Aruba.

Horseback Riding
Aruba horseback riding is an attraction that will give you a free, spirit adventure. Local operators will offer individual and group tours that will take you around Aruba. It is a fantastic way to see the off the path sections of Aruba that not that many tourist see.

Atlantis Submarine
Atlantis Submarine is one of the main attractions in Aruba, it gives a glance on what underwater life is, seeing shipwrecks, fish, coral and for a time be fully underwater like you be in a military submarine. Very popular with tourist and it is a well worth experience.

Drinking Water in Aruba
Drinking water in Aruba is not a problem, it is desalinated from top class operation. It is safe to drink tap water, and it one of the few island in the Caribbean that you can do it without getting sick.

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