Amigo Car Rental in Aruba

Amigo Car Rental is a budget solution for any car rental needs; it has only two locations one on Palm Beach and the second one at Aruba Queen Beatrix International airport. Keep in mind if you rent a vehicle on the airport, Aruba’s government will place a tax on the vehicle, but if you rent it not at the airport the tax is not place.

Amigo is popular because of the vast selection of vehicles that it offers, you will have SUVs, jeeps, convertibles, sedans, trucks, minivans pretty much everything on wheels.
It has special and the rates varies on the season, usually specials and lower prices are on the off season, even though is a local company, you will be able to book online for the choice of vehicle you want.

Amigo Car will pick it you up from any resort, hotel and take you to pick you your vehicle and when you are done, they will take you back to your destination.

This is one the biggest local operator that Aruba has, you will notice because of the amount of cars with the stickers on their cars driving around the island, feeling with plenty of “Amigos” in Aruba.

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