Aruba Aloe Factory

Aloe has many curative, healing and esthetics properties. It has been an important part of Aruba main economic engine for over 100 years so the Aloe Factory. Aruba was at one point in time the largest producer of the cooling gel earning the name of the Island of Aloe.

The history of Aloe dates back to the 1840’s from Africa with some of its sailors that brought it to the island and started a long lasting impression, cultivating and commercializing the plant since then.

Aruba Aloe Factory

Aloe is very well known around the world; it is an excellent medicine for burns, wounds and many cosmetic applications, because it helps the body repair damage tissue by increasing blood and oxygen supply to the skin. It commonly used to revitalize skin and improve overall health by moisturizing the skin with combination of many types of other substances. Aloe has many active ingredients like anti-oxidants, amino acids and enzymes.

Aruba Shopping Aloe

In Aruba since 1890, there has been planting of aloe on the island, it has been over 100 years and still is an important part on the island, and this is where the factory is located.

The Aruba Aloe Factory is open Monday thru Saturday and there is a fee per person to enter. The factory holds museum and it is part of the tour that shows the process of producing Aloe and some of the history of Aloe and what type of products are elaborated on the factory.

Aloe Factory

Aruba Aloe Company has different products such facial crèmes, lotions, bath gels, shampoo, conditioner, sun blockers and others more for your selection. Do not expect great prices, offers or discounts, but there is plenty other locations around the island that you could purchase them without going to the factory or taking the tour. Keep in mind that after 160 years of producing Aloe on the island, a lot of these products are done in small scales make them more on a boutique type of business.

The tour gives some interesting information about Aloe, some of its products and its history in Aruba. It is not a whole day event, so it could be combining with other activities around Oranjestad, like shopping, lunch or maybe dinner.

There are some discounts available for tickets to the Aloe Factory tour, just ask some of the locals and they will be able to help you The discounts varies from a few dollars off to free tickets, unlike any other attractions on the island that are free, these are worth $ 8 for full price, ask around at your local hotel and/or tour guide andthey will more than happy to assist you.

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