Alamo Aruba

Alamo Aruba is another American company in Aruba, it has a small presence on the island. It has two locations on at Aruba Queen Beatrix International Airport and the other main location is on Noord close to the Palm Beach Area.

Alamo has a nice plus that you can book online and you still have a piece of mind of dealing with a recognize company and you probably will not have any problem once you arrive to Aruba. Also, if you rent at the airport, you are going to pay a tax that is only for car rental at the airport, so if you are looking for value, look for a company that has offices outside the airport and avoid the tax.

The Fleet of cars in Aruba from Alamo has a combination of Japanese and Korean with a minivan as the biggest car available. It does not offer a jeep for your off-road adventures.

Alamo is another company with presence worldwide that will give you a good car at a good price, by the time you get to Aruba without to much hassle with the piece of mind that only big companies give to first time visitors to Aruba.

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