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Many reasons why your Aruba Vacations are going to be the best: Aruba is a charming island in the Caribbean that brings thousands of visitors every year. Its nick name is “One Happy Island”, once you are there, it will become true.

Through the site you will see why many come to Aruba and many of them are repeated visitors, Aruba has one of the highest rate of customer coming back in the Caribbean.


Let’s show why Aruba is a top vacation destination:

  • It is accessible by air and by sea; there are plenty of U. S and European Airlines servicing Aruba on a regular basis and sometimes with plenty of offers that you can take advantage of.

Aruba Vacations

Aruba Vacations - Best Beaches

  • The weather is extraordinary all year round, that is one of the main point to take your Aruba Vacations, it is difficult to find another place with such a wonderful weather, it is sunny almost every day with a minimal amount of rain a year, making it worry-free how the weather is going to impact your Aruba Vacation. Also there are no hurricanes in Aruba because of its location, hurricanes go north because of the rotation of earth make it safe, especially when the Caribbean from July to October is in some sort of danger from hurricanes.

    aruba vacations
  • Start your Aruba Vacations with plenty of lodging options, from resorts, hotels, timeshares, apartments giving tourist options on what they want, from an all inclusive resort to just some of the basic necessities matching almost everyone’s budget.

  • Renting a car or any form of transportation is easy and convenient; you can rent cars, SUVs, motorcycles, ATVs, Horses at reasonable prices with plenty of options depending on your travel needs.

  • Basic Services work on the Island, Aruba offers reliable services such as water, electricity, public transportation and safety. Vacationing without any of those basic services is a hassle that if you are not prepared could make your time very uncomfortable.aruba vacations
  •  When you decide to start your Aruba vacation you are going to enjoy plenty of the attractions on the island, Aruba offers plenty of beaches that you can spend your time, but also offers attractions such as the Casibari Rock Formations, Natural Pool, Natural Bridge, with plenty of others activities such as scuba diving, sailing, underwater sightseeing and many more, giving options that in many other place, you will be confine to your resort or hotel.

  • Restaurants are plentiful in Aruba, you can eat from fast food to some of the best restaurants you eaten, with local cuisine offering choices such as Japanese, Mexican, French, American, Chinese, Dutch, Argentinean and plenty more.

  • Service is extraordinaire in Aruba, they make sure you are treated as king and regardless of your budget, hotel, resort, restaurant, they know that good service wins customer back, and tourism is the biggest economic engine on the island.

    aruba vacations
  • Language is not a problem for tourist in Aruba, almost everyone on the island speak English, Dutch, Spanish and Papimento which is the local dialect. Being in on the town outside the resort or hotel you are staying, it does not mean you could become lost and had problems. All you have to do is enjoy the island that you never will have a problem because of a language barrier. From the beginning to end in your Aruba vacations you are going to feel like home with many new friends helping on your Aruba vacation.

Whether you want to lie on the beach, stroll on the beach, having a great dinner, shop on some of the best stores, drive around town, Aruba is a place with a high level of sophistication that you can enjoy all these things and still be on your own trekking, exploring or just having a picnic with your love one, having some of the most romantic times that you ever had, making Aruba Vacations a top destination.

aruba vacationsAruba Vacations your best choice ! ! !

These just are a few reasons why you would want to go to Aruba and spend you vacation there.  Not to mention a wide selection of packages available, you have from an all inclusive, to honeymoon package and everything in between giving plenty of  choices to individuals allowed them to choose what they want at a good price.

You will find useful information about Aruba across of the website, presenting attractions, hotels, beaches, car rental and information related to Aruba that are significant to you  and many more visitors, and show you why over a million visitors come to Aruba every year choosing it as a their top vacation destination.

Hoping to make a difference, please enjoy our gratitude to Aruba like many other have shown to us.

Enjoy your Aruba Vacations

aruba vacations

Aruba Vacations - Table of Contents

Where is Aruba Located
Where is Aruba Located, Aruba is located in the Netherland Antilles which is part of Curacao and Bonaire, it is strategic located in the sun belt and away from hurricanes. It is a phenomenal place to spend your vacation with your love one and family.

Aruba Travel
Is the best choice on your next Aruba Vacation, you will enjoy the weather, the hotels, the shopping, the casinos, the entertainment, the beaches. All these is at your finger tips in a island that is warmth and charming, with friendly people that welcome you making you feel like home. Like the locals say One Happy Island.

Aruba Weather
Aruba weather is perfect all year round, with low humidity and low rain, is what brings many each year to the most desirable island in the Caribbean.

Aruba Airport
Aruba Airport is one of the most modern airport in the Caribbean, it is has all modern amenities and it is easily accessible by taxi, car or bus.

Aruba Pictures
Aruba Pictures are great way to discover Aruba, you will visually enjoy what the island as to offer. The amazing beaches, the hotels and many of the attractions that bring million of tourist every year. One picture tells a thousand words, so it is important that Welcome Aruba shows you what Aruba has to offer and more.

Aruba Car Rental
One of the easiest ways to discover Aruba is by renting a car or SUV; you have the freedom to roam around the island, know all of its attractions, and discover its beautiful beaches, its extraordinary cuisine and more. Aruba car rental, as long you are over age and have a valid credit car, you are allow to rent the vehicle of your choice, it is simple and easy to do. Local Car rental companies have wide selections of vehicles and budgets meeting and exceeding your expectations. To drive around Aruba, it is safe and simple with plenty of signals and a map, Aruba will show you what it has to offers, by discovering it.

Aruba Hotels
Are the best hotels in the Caribbean, you will find from the budget hotel to a five start hotel only a few blocks away. The choices are plentiful, from timeshare, all inclusive, exclusive service, amazing views, private island and with plenty of activities. It is difficult to find another place matching Aruba. The services in any Aruba hotel will amaze you and you will come back like many of us do, to enjoy a tiny place call One Happy Island.

Aruba All Inclusive
Aruba all inclusive vacation packages are very popular for many travelers, in Aruba, there are many places that offer these type of packages, adding to the selection. It great to not worry about anything and just enjoy your vacation, and it is cost beneficial to many individuals since some these packages includes alcoholic beverages.

Aruba Attractions
In Aruba you can do everything, from lay on the beach and eat and have a drink with flowers, or you can see the island. You can windsurf, kite surfing, scuba diving, rent a horse, have a nice candle dinner on the beach, snorkeling, rent a car, jeep or take a tour, play in the casino, do some shopping and this is some of the things that you can while in Aruba. What is not to like about Aruba.

Aruba Beaches
Are the main attraction in Aruba. There is no a bad beach in Aruba, they all are clean with light blue, some of them with great snorkeling, some others with great windsurfing and most of the them with great white sand, making the envy of the Caribbean.

Aruba Restaurants
Restaurants are excellent Aruba is one of the best islands that you can have a meal. You will enjoy some of the best quality dishes in the Caribbean with excellent service, prices are standards and you will get phenomenal time eating in any restaurant regardless of price.

Aruba Honeymoon
Is the best place that you can spend your honeymoon. Aruba has the best beaches, the best packages and the easiest of arrangement to have the best romantic time of your lives with your love one.

Aruba Weddings
Is spectacular, you can get married in Aruba legally with filling some of the requirement or just have the ceremony at one of the hotel, in Aruba weddings are as simple or as elaborate as you want to be and in the best island, you will have the best wedding you ever imagine.


Your Aruba Vacations start here !!!


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